TriPollar STOP Vx GOLD MULTI-RF Radio frequency, with DMA technology, gold-plated electrodes, heat mapping function

TriPollar STOP Vx GOLD MULTI-RF Radio frequency, with DMA technology, gold-plated electrodes, heat mapping function

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TriPollar Stop Vx Gold MULTI-RF+ DMA with skin tightening, gold-plated electrodes, and built-in heat mapping function is one of the most effective multi-functional skin rejuvenation devices in the home beauty care sector. TriPollar STOP Vx Gold exceptionally combine two high-end technologies that work in sync.
Complementing the TriPollar STOP Vx Gold with 24-carat gold-coated electrodes and treatment gel containing gold, this device can turn your home into a real premium category pampering.
TriPollar STOP Vx Gold has the latest MULTI-RF development, "Heat Mapping". This algorithm already ensures the personalized treatment with the right temperature in order to achieve outstanding efficiency, all tailored to the individual, according to the properties of our skin.
Short video about the TriPollar VX GOLD device:

The innovative TriPollar Stop Vx Gold provides unparalleled results:

It tightens and smoothes sagging facial skin, reduces wrinkles, fine lines and reshapes the "V" contour, the jaw line, and detoxifies and oxygenates. With the combined operation of Multi-RF and DMA technologies, visible results can be achieved with TriPollar Stop Vx Gold treatment, it effectively removes signs of aging and improves facial skin.

Why compromise when the best features can be found in one device?

You can achieve impressive results with the innovative TriPollar STOP Vx Gold device. The TriPollar product line, developed by the world-famous Pollogen, is a leader in the field of at-home radiofrequency skin rejuvenation.
By combining Multi-RF and DMA, it takes home skin rejuvenation to the next level!
MULTI-RF Radio frequency technology:
The latest 3rd generation radio frequency innovation, the TriPollar Multi-RF technology, specifically targets the layers of the skin to trigger the production of collagen and elastin, thus achieving effective and lasting results. The Multi-RF waves "comb" the layers of the skin to ensure a uniform heating effect in the entire range of collagen and elastin layers. As a result, the treatment is much more effective and long-lasting than with other traditional RF devices.
DMA - dynamic muscle activation technology:
DMA is a unique technology that works the facial muscles and makes them more toned. The first technology that stimulates muscles and performs radio frequency treatment at the same time. The new generation of DMA produces 1,000 muscle contractions in less than 3 minutes for a natural-looking jaw arch, V shape and overall lifting results.
What is heat mapping?
The "Heat Mapping" algorithm controls the heat generation process by continuously sampling the tissue temperature at five different heat points on the user's face. The intelligent algorithm creates a personalized heat map of the area to be treated, which calculates the most suitable temperature for effective treatment. As a result of this process, the temperature emitted by the device and the duration of the treatment are adjusted to the characteristics of the treated area, thereby achieving a personalized treatment pattern for optimal results.

Features of TriPollar STOP Vx Gold:

  • Treatment of the skin and reshaping of facial features with a single device
  • Most innovative technology from the market-leading manufacturer
  • 2 operating modes: MULTI-RF (radio frequency), MULTI-RF+DMA (radio frequency and dynamic muscle activation)
  • 2 intensity levels: low and high
  • Suitable for treating all skin types
  • Significantly reduces fine lines and wrinkles, lifts sagging skin
  • Restores the skin structure
  • Tones the jaw, the V line
  • Immediate and lasting skin rejuvenation results
  • Professional quality treatments at home
  • Painless and safe
  • Easy to use, treatments can be performed in a few minutes
  • Visible clinical results after the first few treatments
Short video about using the device:

Contents of the package:

  • TriPollar STOP Vx Gold device
  • TriPollar GOLD treatment gel
  • Adapter
  • International user manual


The device is a high-quality original TriPollar product, with normal use we provide a 2-year customer-friendly warranty in Hungary, which can be claimed against the block, invoice and warranty letter by contacting our customer service.
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